The current labor market is filled with unique opportunities that provide those who are employed and those seeking employment with serious advantages. 

If your goal is to stay with your present company and move up, get a raise, or just simply have “more game” now is the time to move toward that achievement.  If you are seeking a new position in the labor market, your skills are needed and job openings are plentiful. 

Successfully orchestrating those goals takes planning and thoughtful implementation. Let the work begin!



Seeking “More Game” in Your Current Position

Are you working for a company you respect?  Do you plan to be with them for a few more years or longer?  Do you wish they would include you in more decision-making?  Have you earned a raise, but haven’t received it? 

Seeking a New Position

No matter how you have arrived at the point in your career where you are seeking a new position, you need to think about creating a career roadmap that will guide you to your next place of employment and beyond.