I Love My Career Workshops

Twice a year I provide “I Love My Career” workshops and have seats for four to six individuals at the table.  The four sessions are designed to help you delve into your career analysis and design your future career roadmap.  These four sessions are two hours each for a total of eight hours of strategic thinking and planning for your career.  Workshops are offered in March and September.


Morning Happy Hour

To help women network more successfully, I partnered with a dear friend, Tess Burns, and created the Morning Happy Hour, which meets quarterly at Commonwealth Bistro in Covington.  The Morning Happy Hour allows women to have a cup of coffee or tea and meet professional women who are focused on increasing their economic development.  Meeting from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m., we are 50-100 women strong and meaningful contacts are the fare of the day. View dates.  


Being Our Best

The Balance of Self-Esteem, Assertiveness and Stress Management. This workshop focuses on how we can increase our self-esteem, be more assertive and manage our stress better by finding the balance among these.  The workshop is one hour and I provide take-aways to aid in further study.