Career Coaching and How It Works

Working with a career coach is life changing.  Focusing on your career direction by partnering with a coach is a way to ensure you are creating a career roadmap that will provide meaningful work for your future.

First Session

My first session is always free.  We meet for approximately 30 minutes to determine your career needs and discuss how I may help you achieve your goals.  Are you currently unsure about what you want to achieve in your career?  Then we begin by talking about your career to date and how your career has unfolded. 

Future Career Coaching Sessions

You may choose how frequently we meet to work on your career.  Some clients choose to meet weekly, others twice a month and some only monthly.  The question clients need to answer is, how much do you want the change and how willing are you to work on it.  The choice is yours.

Where Do We Meet?

I often meet for coffee for the first session.  Panera, Starbucks, or a restaurant of your choice is the first venue.  After we decide to meet regularly, you may choose the location of our sessions.  Some people like to continue to meet for coffee and others prefer a quieter space such as a public library or a shared space I use at Sullivan University in Ft. Mitchell.  The choice is yours.

You may need employment documents, but don’t really wish to work with a coach.  I am happy to help you create evaluations, cover letters, resumes, portfolios, and thank you letters.

Whether you are preparing for “more game” in your current company or seeking a new position, your employment documentation is critical to your success.

What If I Need Help with Employment Documents, but Don’t Need Coaching?