Career Coaching Clients

·         Those who want to stay with their companies and move up

·         Those in need of new jobs

·         Those considering seeking new employment

·         Those who are considering new career pathways

·         Those preparing for evaluations

·         Those needing a raise

·         Those considering send act careers

Career Pathway Direction

·         For those entering the labor market for the first time

·         For those who feel like they are in the wrong career trajectory

·         For those who need assistance in selecting a college major

·         For those who want to earn a college certificate, but not a full degree

Other Services

·         Portfolios – documentation of your skills

·         Mock interviews

·         Career analysis – your pathway to date

·         Inventory of skill strengths

·         Referrals to employers

·         Referrals to job search networks

·         Resume development

·         Cover letters

·         Letters of inquiry