Dr. Angie Taylor, President

In 2015, Dr. Taylor introduced Taylor Career Strategies to the NKY/Cincinnati market and in the last two years she has served over a hundred people with career coaching services.  Her services include a wide spectrum of employment support with a special focus on meaningful work.  To date, Dr. Taylor has an 86% success rate helping people garner promotions, raises, and new employment. 

Dr. Taylor serves as the chair of the Employment Services Committee for the NKY Chamber of Commerce.  She is a board member for Covington Partners and Welcome House.  She co-founded the Morning Happy Hour with Tess Burns and hosts those quarterly at Commonwealth Bistro in Covington. 

Dr. Taylor also provides public presentations on topics such as Balancing Self-Esteem, Assertiveness and Stress Management; How to Facilitate Effective Meetings, and Influencing Others. 

Dr. Taylor began her career and college coaching work at Georgetown College, where she directed career planning and placement services. Moving to Northern Kentucky to pursue a doctorate at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Taylor worked at the Re-Entry Center at Northern Kentucky University. There, she helped students prepare to enter college or the work world by providing workshops on college major selection, resume writing and interview preparation. For the past 18 years, Dr. Taylor served as vice president of Gateway Community and Technical College’s Workforce Solutions Division, helping companies design customized training for employees who needed skill upgrades.  Using education as a business strategy, Dr. Taylor helped these companies and their employees generate a win-win, as the company’s bottom line improved and employees moved up in their careers, taking more responsibility for company outcomes and increasing their salaries.

Dr. Taylor is a nationally-recognized specialist in career pathway work and designs new college credentials, career maps and training programs that are used by community colleges around the country.   The Alliance of Quality Career Pathways, National Council of Workforce Development and the National Council for Continuing Education and Training have recognized Dr. Taylor and the Workforce Solutions team at Gateway for their outstanding work in career development.

Dr. Taylor holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and school health from Eastern Kentucky University, a master’s degree in counseling and personnel services from the University of Missouri and a doctorate in curriculum and instruction from the University of Cincinnati.

Since leaving Gateway, Dr. Taylor is the driving force behind the work of Taylor Career Strategies. She is very excited to be able to pursue her passion of helping people connect with their purpose in the workforce. She is particularly passionate about working with students who are on the brink of dropping out and redirecting them to graduation and future business success.